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Automatic Peristalsis Monitor / Feeding Controller

Safer Enteral Feeding
Monitor + Feed + Decompress + Refeed Aspirate
  We devised an automatic feeding-decompression regimen that provides the maximum tolerated early enteral nutrition, while avoiding "feeding intolerance" and “overfeeding.”
  All swallowed air and excess liquid are evacuated efficiently, without wasting digestive juices or their secretory immune globulins.  
  We aspirate a segment of intestine immediately proximal to the feeding site. Peristaltic outflow from this site is monitored every
30 seconds, relative to inflow. Any accumulation is immediately sensed and corrected. Only excess fluid is permanently removed, a total of ~100 ml/day.
  Gerald Moss, MD, PhD, FACN, FCCM
Professor of Biomedical Engineering (retired)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
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